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terrible bowel problems, constipated for weeks, weight loss

I am 34 years old, with terrible bowel problems that no one has been able to help me with yet. I am hoping that someone out there may have some insight & suggestions on what to look for next.
I have never been sick in my life, 2 yrs ago I had a femoral hernia & they removed a fist full of necrotic bowel. I was told that they did not suture close & kept me on bed rest to heal.
This past Oct, I felt a tearing feeling in area & began to be constipated for weeks, I was given enemas but it only made worse. They placed me on antibiotic drips & I finally had bowel pass (BM), (60days later). I also had H pylori which they gave me medication for. The pain continued in my bowels & they did a hysterectomy leaving ovaries (Dec) 2013. it was fibrotic & endometriosis was present. Bleeding occurred, they cauterized & bleeding continues today (pink cloudy).
Today, pain continues: gas pain feels like I am being stabbed. 30 min after a meal (living off of bananas & yogurt most), it feels like I swallowed razor blades & slicing their way through. When food gets to the area repaired, it stings in my gut like they put alcohol on it. Once I do have a BM (with assistance of stool softeners & docusate) I feel like I am being ripped apart. (howling during a BM is not normal!). Stool shows undigested meds & food, sometimes black coffee ground, I have lost tremendous weight & Jan lab shows no vitamin D in my blood so they put me on 50,000 mcg.
I am always nauseated, vomiting at times, my joints are really sore, & I have no energy at all & want to stay in bed laying over a pillow to help with the pain. I have 2 children to take care of.
What should I look for next? Labs? conditions?
Thank you,
Getting scared.
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replied January 26th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

I am sorry to hear about how you are suffering.
I am not a doctor or any sort of expert but I would say as you are finding undigested stuff in your stool that is a significant clue.

A healthy gut has about five pounds weight of bacteria and it is these tiny creatures who digest and convert our food for us.
When a strong antibiotic is taken, for instance, it kills our gut bacteria along with everything else with the result that stool becomes half digested food with much of the stomach acid intact and it can burn the anus like hell. That is what happens in an otherwise healthy and complete person.

A person who eats a balanced healthy sort of a diet soon restores the gut bacteria to a healthy level.
I speculate three things in your case...
Your diet isn't conducive to restoring your gut bacteria or keeping it healthy and without healthy gut bacteria your body is not going to reap the full benefit of nutrition from the food you eat. Finally much of your fatigue and joint pain are probably associated to these things and could be a severe and general vitamin and possibly mineral deficiency.

Even your vitamin D supplement is hardly going to help you if your body isn't digesting it...

I think it is most important you begin to eat a healthy balanced diet to promote healthy gut flora so your medication and supplements are actually going to do you some good. It will also neutralise the stomach acid contained in the stool and should make passing it much easier.

Clearly your diet will need to be bland but still contain a number of pre and pro biotic foods. I suggest you ask your doctor for an opinion and a referral to a nutritionist. Initially your diet will probably be similar to that for an invalid or a geriatric but certainly more nourishing than bananas and yoghurt, which would eventually cause malnutrition in a healthy and complete person.

Again initially, it might be a good idea to use a blender or liquidiser to turn much of what you eat into baby food and take some of your nutrition in the form of soups.

It would be hoped that when your body finally gets some proper nutrition it will be able to heal itself. When there is nothing recognisable in your stool you will know progress has been made.

I hope you find this useful.
Good luck!
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