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TENS for TMJ Facial Muscles

TENS for TMJ Facial Relief

Has anyone here experienced using the TENS machine to release facial muscles? If so how has it been? Also I want to go see someone to give it a try but don't want them to do anything else. Any idea where I can try a TENS machine and then rent it out?

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replied April 18th, 2011
Tens Unit for TMJ
A Tens Unit is helpful, but didn't control my pain. It is kind of like a stimulant massage. I've had TMJ for several years now & am now in different treatment trials. You can either go to your PCP and get them to refer you to a Physical Therapy Clinic & they can do the treatments, if your ins will pay for that. Or you can get him to write you a script and take it to a DME company like a Home Medical place, anywhere that rents/sells wheelchairs, walkers, etc. They should have them, and may be covered under your ins plan as well...Good Luck!
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replied April 26th, 2011
I tried a TENS unit that my Chiropractor precribed. Didn't help me. I don't know for sure if I used it correctly - could be my fault. But I tried it for 2+ weeks and sent it back.
Now I notice the posts about Low frequencey Tensing so I might check into that.
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