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Tendon Transfer Surgery, 5 yo son won't stand let alone walk

Hi, my 5 year old son underwent tendon transfer surgery in both feet 6 weeks back. The casting and the sutures came off 1 week back. Since then he is not even able to stand up let alone walking with support or his own. from the 3rd day he was born he had the classic ponseti method of treatment. Everything was fine, we went for a general check up with the doctor and he recommended surgery. I should have taken a second opinion, my mistake. He said it is a simple procedure and i agreed. but it turned out to be quite major. He has not recommended any physiotherapy for my son and i am not sure how to proceed forward. We are trying to make him walk but he is not cooperating at all. Any advice from any parents of similar situations will be of great help. I am based out of Melbourne.
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First Helper ramagopr

replied July 5th, 2014
Hope I can be of some help, I had very similar surgery on my foot about 3 months ago. I've had a lot of pain in my feet for 4 years, was born with a high instep and always walked on the outside of my foot. I had tendons in my foot transferred to make one side of my foot stronger therefore pulling it to a straighter position. I also was in a cast for 6 weeks and currently in a boot for another 6 in total.
I am 20 but can definitely relate to your sons frame of mind, he is very brave for undergoing surgery at such a young age! I too was told the procedure would be simple but my surgeon is awfully arrogant, it's as if he thinks we don't need to know any detailed information about the surgery or recovery period.
I was expecting to be mobile on my feet after a few weeks, but along with the surgeon changing his mind about how long I was to be non-weight bearing and experiencing significant pain, I'm still fairly house bound and am not that confident moving around by myself. It is a very unusual state of mind to be in post op. I get anxious about doing physio, despite the tendons now being fully fused back together, I still worry that being fully weight bearing is going to reverse the surgery and cause more damage. Deep down I know nothing bad is going to happen but still get anxious so I understand what your son might be going through and as far as I'm aware it's completely normal to be apprehensive. I've found that it's good to be distracted during this period otherwise you can overthink the worst. Try to normalise things, including physio, and reassure him that nothing bad will come of being mobile- it will benefit him in the future.

I wish you both all the best in the recovery process!
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