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Tender swollen lymph nodes

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Over the past year I've been getting swollen lymph nodes behind my ears, my neck and armpits. They are tender although the ones behind my ears don't usually hurt. About the time the lymph nodes started acting up, I noticed my middle two fingers on my left hand were slightly numb. I could still feel them, but it was a tingly almost burning feeling, the loss of sensation is still there, I guess I just got used to it and don't notice it as much anymore.

Fast forward to about a month ago, the lymph nodes in my neck and behind my right ear were swollen again, no pain. I get occasional chest pains, usually a sharp stabbing pain slightly to the right side. I've been getting huge painful blisters on the back of my ear and even got one inside my ear, which is finally gone. The entire right side of my head throbs and I have a pretty bad headache most of the time centering around my right ear.

About a week ago, I noticed that directly in front of my left ear was swollen and very tender to the touch. I'm having night sweats and a lot of trouble sleeping, hence why I'm posting this at almost 4 am. My appetite is gone, I usually only eat at night because I start to feel sick from not eating all day. I just never feel hungry anymore, even when I eat I usually have to force myself because I just don't feel like eating. I'm extremely tired all the time, and my muscles ache, especially in my legs.

Another strange thing that's been happening over the past few months are my hands and feet swelling and getting like a rash for absolutely no reason. When this happens my hands and feet burn and itch. The areas that swell get really red and have big white round flat welts. This only occurs on the soles of my feet, the palms of my hands and in between my fingers. I haven't been sick and haven't had a fever of any kind, if anything my body temp has been kind of low (97ish). I've also noticed a loss of coordination, or almost like a muscle weakness (possibly due to poor nutrition/lack of sleep?). I drop things all the time because my hand just lets go of it.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on with me? I'm trying to find a doctor in my area that takes my insurance, but I didn't have any luck yesterday (friday) and it's now the weekend. The pain around my right ear is starting to really bother me. This doesn't feel like an ear infection, the pain isn't deep in my ear, it's mostly behind it and it radiates downward into my neck. I plan to get into a doctor as soon as possible, but until then it would be great to have some sort of insight as to what's going on.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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