Hi, I am a 31 year old female and do not currently have medical benefits. I am trying to find information until I can get to a doctor. Here are my symptoms:
Maybe once a month this happens, very sporadic..... I start getting dizzy, one ear will feel like it fills up or is full, I lose the hearing in that ear and both ears start ringing. I may get a little nausea with it. It can go away after a few minutes or stay for an hour. I am on Simvastatin for high cholesterol, but my research finds no side effects that would be from that.

In my family, my Mom has had aneurysms and mini strokes and ringing in her ears, plus ear wax problems. My Dad has high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and homocystein problems, which is clotting problems.

I hope this isn't an emergency situation... Can you please help?
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replied May 27th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
This is by far, in place of a diagnosis. In fact with those symtoms it could be one of a multitude of things. I realize the insurance problem (I was there too) but with all your family history, I would try all you can do to get to see a doctor. If for the only reason, to make you aware of what might and might no be going on and get it done right.

I wish you luck,
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