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teeth relapsed i didnt wear reatiners...

I had braces for a number of years, was told to wear retainers, but i did and now my teeth have shifted back and now I'm also suffering from TMJD, headaches, jaw pain, jaw soreness, pain in back of head, shoulder pain, back pain, jaw clicking.

One option is to use a splint because it gives you an aquired bite, which you should eventually get used to. A splint takes into consideration your jaw muscles, jaw bones, and teeth.

Another option is orthodontics, but going this way would they take into consideration my TMJ? I know that orthodontists take into consideration jaw bone and teeth, but what about jaw muscles? If i went this way they might say the treatment is to make my bite even worse than my current bite and then then to correct it with jaw surgery and im so scared about this. Are there any second time brace users who've had TMJD.
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