My twin sister's teeth are falling out. We are 55.
She has lost two teeth and won't go to the Dentist.
She is afraid of dentures because she "chokes" on thing in her mouth, like the dental xray cardboard.
How can I persuade her to go to the Dentist?
This affects her apperance.
Thank you for your help.
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replied August 12th, 2010

Please let your sister know that periodontal disease is a progressive disease and with time will only get worse and she might end up losing the rest of her teeth. Advise her to seek treatment now as treatment will become more complex if she lets thing's get worse. ALSO a denture replacing 2 teeth is not as bulky as a denture replacing 16 or 32 teeth.

That being said.. dentures are not the only solution - she might rather go for a fixed bridge or dental implants. Obviously this needs to be discussed with your dentist.

Hope this helps
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