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Teenagers bulking up

I'm 16, 5,11, 152 pounds about 15percent body fat. I look pretty skinny for my height. I do have big chest pecs, however, my shoulder lacks and my abs are lacking. I want to bulk up. So for the past three weeks, I've been doing 4min abs everyday. And I did Shoulders, back, arms, back every other day. I want to know why I can't gain mass. Please help me. Right now I take optimum whey in the morning and after I work out. I was wondering if i should take serious mass(optimum) or cyto gainer to gain mass? Please help me out!Thanks.

I am not taking creatine because I heard it's all water weight
Plus I don't do cardio as of now.
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replied June 8th, 2010
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4 min abs? I'm not sure what you think you can gain out of so short of a work out. You stated you also do shoulders back and arms, but what are you doing? Whether or not you gain mass depends primarily on three things.
1. Your genetics.
2. What you eat.
3. How you're working out.

Your genetics will obviously dictate how far you can go when it comes to a physical goal, but that doesn't mean you can't attain it.
What you eat, that should be a self explanatory reason.
Depending on how you work out, you're never going to gain mass and may in fact be working towards the opposite goal. Some gain power, some gain strength, some gain endurance, some gain size, some lose size, etc. How does all those various combinations happen? It is based off of how you have chosen to work out.

Proteins and all those supplements are useless if you are eating the right diet. It will never be the main factor in achieving your goals.
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