hi. so my boyfriend and i had sex last night. he had to change condoms he didn’t tell me why but i soon realized he cummed. i first figured maybe he was embarrassed, but then today he told me it was because the condom kept moving. should i be worried? he pulled out right when he was done, i don’t remember feeling him ejaculating in me or feeling any cum in me. but i’m not sure on what to do. i just know he did cum and that he said the condom was moving so he got annoyed and we stopped right then.
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replied July 17th, 2018
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A guy usually loses his erection shortly after cumming. That is a good time for someone to hold the open end of the condom and make sure everything comes out together. Fishing for lost condoms is not much fun.

After a short while a young stud can get another erection and start over with a new condom.

It sounds like he knew what was going on and acted accordingly. You are probably safe. Why not download a period tracker app so you get to know your most fertile days and can avoid them. Ovulation is usually 14 days before the next period and the fertile window is from five days before to one day after. There are also physical signs of ovulation like fertile mucus and a cervix which is soft, high, open and wet.
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