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1.How old were you when you first had sexual intercourse?
2.Were you in a relationship?
3.How old were you when you got pregnant and had the baby?
4.Was it a planned pregnancy? , if so why did you make this decision?
5.Were you in a relationship/ married when you got pregnant? If yes did your boyfriend/husband stick by you through the pregnancy and throughout the child’s life?
6.If he didn’t stick by you through the pregnancy and throughout the child’s life, why do you think this happened?
7.How did you parents react when you told them you were pregnant? Where they supportive?
8.Did you have a job before you were pregnant or did you have to go and look for one to support yourself and your child?
9.Did you carry on with high school?
10.How did you cope with taking care of your child, going to school and work?
11.Did your social life change? If yes, how?
12.Was your mother/aunt, grandmother, cousin a teen parent?
13.Was it difficult raising your child as you were/are a teenager?
14.Did you consider abortion, adoption ?
15.If you could do it again, would you have waited till you were old enough and had finish school and had a career?

16.( OPTIONAL FOR SINGLE MOTHERS) If you are a single mother, do you think because you were/are a single parent, you let your child get away with more as it was hard to discipline on your own?
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