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teen and I'm 13 days late w/ my period.

what should I do? I'm only a teen and my boyfriend is only 15 and we had sex without a condom the first time. he says he doesn't know if he cummed because "it felt so good" and I'm 13 days late w/ my period. I was supposed to have it may 17th but we had sex the 12th and I'm starting to stress..
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replied May 29th, 2016
Extremely eHealthy
Sex five days before your period is due is not in the fertile window and unlikely to get you pregnant. Download a period tracker app to see why. Most likely the shock of first sex to your hormones has delayed your cycle. You are not talking of any other early pregnancy signs. Go buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide, use both and stay away from the fertile window and you will be as safe as can be.
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