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Tearing Chest Pain if I take a deep breath or move too much

Every so often, I get this tearing pain on the left side of my chest, basically like an inch to the right of my left nipple and it doesn't feel very deep, it feels like its ribcage level. It is a very weird pain that I don't know how to describe besides tearing. If I take a deep breath it feels like something is stretching and tearing. If I move too much it feels like something is tretching and tearing. The first time it happened, it was almost unbearable pain(Note: it has happened like 30 times more or less). Now I either have gotten use to the pain or it has dulled out. It is about a 6-7 on the pain scale. It always just suddenly starts and suddenly stops over a span of like 1-20 minutes. I generally don't feel any pain after it stops, unless it was one of the longer ones which afterwards it just feels kind of sore. Anyone have any idea what this could be? or how I can prevent it from happening?
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replied November 12th, 2015
Sorry, I forgot to mention I am 18, and I also have Pectus Carinatum and have told my doctors about the pain who have just basically brushed it off as nothing and unrelated chest pain.
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