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tear on my vagina

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has anyone else ever experienced a tear on their vagina. my boyfriend and I had very rough, dry sex the other weekend and the next day, my pee hurt a little, then I believe I developed a yeast infection - which I scratcched and made the tear worse. we've been together for 5 mos and I hadn't had sex for about 6 mos prior to that. of course I'm freaked out that I have herpes or something worse. I went to my doc Monday and then had all the std tests run . . . have to wait until Thursday to get my results. my boyfriend just got tested in January and says he's clean. I've always been careful with sex and have never experienced an issue like this. I mean, I've had little tears before from scratching at yeast or using tampons, but for some reason, I'm freaked out about this. of course it didn't help that the first thing out of my doc's mouth was that it looked like herpes, but after I told him of my tampon use and rough sex (including dry fingering), he came back and said it's prob due to the yeast . . . I'm really super freaked out and don't know how I'm gonna wait for these test, can anyone give me any kind of info that will ease my mind?
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replied September 26th, 2010
tears ouch
i am having that problem too.
but after we have sex the tear bleads
i am worried it is the only tear i had.
and a rash showed up from the itching.
my boyfriend is too rough
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