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tanning beds and medications for bipolarity

This subject has to do with the safety of mixing meds with activities:
I recently had some blood tests which all came out just fine except for EXTREMELY low vitamin D levels. (I am 54 years old) This makes sense because I pretty much don't go out into the sun AT ALL in the wintertime, here in New York. I'm learning that even 15 minutes in total sun (i.e. with as much skin exposed to the sun as possible) will sufficiently bring the vitamin D back into your body--this has been substantiated by many sources.
Since I am NOT going out in the winter (and at this point in the winter now), I can feel myself in a worse state, emotionally, as well (I usually brisk walk 3 miles/day in Spring and Fall).
All this leads up to my question, medically-- are tanning beds a SAFE way of getting Vitamin D in one's body, given that I am taking meds for depression, bipolarity, and ADHD? Specifically, I am taking Wellbutrin, Lamictal, and Dexahydrine (small amount/day). Thanks, anyone who KNOWS their stuff about this issue, given the risks of not knowing correct info.
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replied February 19th, 2011
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Hi manicmuse and welcome to ehealth:...Tanning beds are not good for your skin...With skin cancer so prevalent, I strongly suggest you stay away from it...The best place to find out about vitamin D is to talk to your physician...They know your records and will seach this out....I do think you are wise in checking this out...Take care...

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