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tampons and pelvic adhesions

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I have been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis some years ago and it must have escalated already because an ovary has been removed. I would like to know if there is an adverse effect with tampon use and pelvic adhesions? My bowel had adhered to my uterus and I suspect my bladder too. I recently used a tampon and after using it, I felt heaviness/ cramp like pain in the bladder/uterus area.I checked for UTI and kidney stones but came out negative. I'd appreciate any info. Thank you
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replied October 30th, 2009
i dnt know much about the health effects of tampons

but what i would really suggest is for you not to use tampons, they do cause cramps in some people cos it happen to me also, and when u think about it they are kinda disgusting holding in dirty blood inside the body when its trying to get out, seems like it can only cause a problem, they have chemicals used on them and thats no good to be in ur floot for hours, day after day. I know pads seems frumpy but there is so good ones out there my fave are Always and Bodyform, and i also read that pads and tampons are a nono. i hope u feel better soon, i know its a drag when things all stuck together, keep ur head up i hope u be well soon, take care xx
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