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Tampon left in ?

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this probably sound's horrible, and ridiculously stupid...and your most likely wondering how in the hell do you forget about a tampon being inside your vagina.. but, it happen's! my period came really weird this month! and, i was really worried.. instead of it being red like always it was brown spotting.. for 2 day's.. well then it stopped.. and it never got read the entire time.. but then a week later i started again.. and this time it was brown spotting..again.. then a few day's later i had red HEAVY!!! blood. well, one evening i could sworn i reached into the cabinet and grabbed the smallest tampon i could find.. well i cant remember if inserted the tampon inside me or not.. and it's driving me crazy... and it hit me 2 days after that.. i woke up and went to the bathroom, and i was sitting on the toilet and i was like OH MY GOSH! i forgot about the tampon.. so i stuck my finger up there and was expecting to pull the tampon out! but! there was nothing there! Sad and, i'm worried because i've been having real bad pain in my gut ( lower stomach) and i'm been feeling like i'm going to faint.. and having 24/7 headache's.. and i have colon issues so i don't poop but like once a week! if that.. and now my poop is coming out more and its way! soft compared to normal! what do i do!
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replied August 10th, 2010
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kt93, It happens.

Your vagina is a closed tube. A tampon cannot go anywhere. If you put it in without taking it out, it is still there. So relax, put some saliva or lubricant on your finger and make sure you can feel all of your vagina inside and the tampon is not there any more. You know what your vagina and cervix feels like so it should be easy to detect a piece of cotton stuck in the top.

Once again, if you put a tampon inside your vagina and did not remove it, it is still there. It could not have gone anywhere. You just need to feel carefully to make sure it is not pushed up inside your vagina.

By the sounds of it you either did not put it in, or you forgot that you took it out. There would certainly be a foul smell by now if it was left up there and you will most likely get a yeast infection.

It does sound like you have some health issues and should see your doctor.

Best of luck and take care!
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