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Tampon coming out when peeing

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Hi, up until recently I never really used tampons, I couldn't quite get the hang of them. Recently though I've gotten used to inserting them, and when they are in it's comfortable and I can't feel it at all. However, it's fine until I need to pee. I've read that you don't need to remove them when you pee, so I go to pee, holding the string out of the way, but once I have, the tampon seems to have come out slightly and is slightly wet at the end. If I keep it in, it just feels really uncomfortable when I walk or sit down and I can constantly feel it, unlike when I first insert it and can't feel it all. Any reason why this could be? At first I thought it was because I wasn't inserting the tampon inside enough, but I literally cannot put it in any closer, I use the ones with the applicator and the applicator is literally nearly all the way inside me before I click the two tubes together. Any ideas? I hope that makes sense!
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replied August 23rd, 2009
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When you "push" to pee your vagina will also participate in the "pushing".

Do you do kegel exercises? If not it might help to strengthen the muscles in the vagina's mouth to keep the tampon in.
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replied September 4th, 2009
an idea is to use the pearl tampons. it is soft plastic and it is rounded at the top, this makes it easy to insert inside.
i had the same problems with the other carboard tampons until i used pearl. you can also use the cheap brand that is the soft plastic that is round at the top.
to make sure you are putting it all the way inside you try lying on the bed and looking at yourself in the mirror.
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replied October 22nd, 2012
thanks ,i have this same problem now!
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