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taking yaz without pmdd ?

Is it safe to take the YAZ pill even tho you DONT have pmdd?

My girlfreind wanted to switch to YASMIN but i geuss the doctor did not hear her right and gave her YAZ. she has been on it for about 3 months and everything seems fine. but i was just wonderying is it safe to take yaz if you dont have PMDD?

will it lower the effectiveness of it or anything?
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replied October 23rd, 2009
it wont lower the effectiveness of preventing pregnancy, but she will become a moody, depressed, crying everyday, raving maniac if she doesnt have PMDD. I took Yaz for over a year and am off of it now for around a month and I AM STILL recovering from the emotional side effects this horrible drug gave me. I used to be a normal, sweet girl. Now I cry every day, get upset about nothing, and am just a miserable person. ALSO, Yaz has very dangerous levels of potassium in it which have led to VERY young women to suffer from heart attacks and strokes. STAY AWAY FROM YAZ!
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