hello everyone, i had a question about provera? I took my five days of provera and then got a period so i took clomid on day 3-7. When would i have to take provera again if i dont get a period next month????
Is it every 28 days or every other month on the same days if no periods after clomid?
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replied March 18th, 2009
Re: Taking Provera
It is likely you will get a period on your own if you do not conceive, because Clomid induces ovulation. It is normal to begin bleeding two weeks post ovulation, and because it was stimulated via Clomid it may be more or less than a 28 day cycle. Be sure to have your Progesterone and hCG checked prior to taking Provera should you not get a period, as the hCG will tell if you are pregnant and the Progesterone level will tell if you ovulated and where you are in your cycle. Good luck!
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