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Taking Plan B on placebo pills

I started my Placebo birth control pill and had unprotected sex that night. I hadn't started my period yet though which isnt abnormal for me. Then I took plan B 24 hours later. I still hadn't started my period and on the last day of the placebo pills I had unprotected sex again, and took plan B the next day jsut to be safe. I still haven't started my period. Is it possible that the plan B made me skip my period since I took so much of it then started my next pack of BC pills?
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replied February 3rd, 2009
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Ok, enough Plan B.

You are protected during your placebo pills-- there's no need to take Plan B unless you've been making a ton of mistakes on your birth control pills, in which case you need to use condoms before sex.

It's possible you skipped your period, but you'll probably have some irregular bleeding or spotting during your next few packs. Plan B can take about 3 months to get out of your system.

Trust your birth control pills OR use a back up other than Plan B unless you absolutely need to.
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