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Taking Nordette as an ECP

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Gud day,

Last March 4th, my boyfriend and I had protected sex but unfortunately the condom broke. That was around 7:30pm and by 7:30am the next day (March 5th) I went out and bought Nordette to take as an ECP. I took 4 pills for the first dose. And then 12 hours later I took the second dose of 4 pills.

On the 8th, my BF and I played around (he only fingered me) and there was some light blood on his fingers. We thought I'd be getting my withdrawal bleeding but I didn't then.

That week was supposed to be my due fertile week (the 9th being my ovulation day), and it's been 12 days since I took the ECP and still no withdrawal bleeding. I'm kind of getting nervous, since my regular period is expected to be due this week.

The only symptoms I've had to far have been mild cramping and up until the past few days I've been dry but right now super thick discharge is coming out (not the egg-white kind). I'm hoping that I am not pregnant. Also, because of bad timing, my body has been super stressed out this past week, I've gotten sick and it's Finals week for me. I know what stress can do to your menstrual cycle and so I'm kind of riding on the fact that it could be a reason why I haven't bled yet.

Anyways, what are the chances of me being pregnant right now? because I really can't afford to be pregnant at the moment. I'm super worried.

Answers would be greatly appreciated! thank you!
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replied July 31st, 2013
Hi any update on this? Did you already have ur period?
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