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taking adderall and other drugs to treat it

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I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 12, and I have been taking adderall and other drugs to treat it since then.

Lately, it has been more difficult to remember things long term, and I cannot remember ANY proper nouns. I also frequently forget that I need to do something, or that I already did something.

Its very difficult to explain complex things to people, and when I am talking to people I often think of two different ways to say something and say a mixture of the 2 ways, which is a word or phrase that makes no sense.

when writing, I make many grammatical errors, even though I have very good grammar and I know how to say it.

I cannot tell stories, usually because I cant remember the name of something, or because I get caught up trying to recall it.

Sometimes, When talking, Everything will flash white, I get light headed, and I will forget what I said, midsentence. It really scares me. Happens about once per month.

Im an engineering student

other issues: lack sleep, lack food sometimes

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