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Taken mt-pill single tablet without confirmation of pregnancy...

Hi 27 yrs old..going to marry soon...i had sex with my fiance..on 28th feb.. usually i ll get my periods on time..and my periods are on 18th of every month. we had sex he cum into my vagina..without consulting doctor..and without confirmation of pregnancy, we decided to take mt-pill tablet(single tablet) coz i-pill is banned in chennai. Sad

later on in this march month i delayed my periods for 8days and taken pregnancy test (urine test) it got negative..i consulted a doctor she said to take regestrone 5mg for 2days(3 times a day) and dexorange capsules for 1month to regularise the periods.. this is the 4th day still i didnt get my so worried Sad pls suggest to get periods..

we dont need to baby now..i dont want to becom pregnant.. with in how many days i ll get periods mam??
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replied May 8th, 2013
hi madhu i am having this same problem..did u get any solution?
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