I recently have my tailbone pain. I don't know why did i happen to have coccyx pain. I didn't fell at the wrong spot, nor sleep wrongly. This morning after I clean our living room, I sat and then I experienced tailbone pain. Can you advice me how to treat this at home?
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replied June 10th, 2017
Hello, I'm new to this forum and came across your post in regard to tailbone pain.
I had mine removed eight weeks ago after suffering daily for three years.
Numerous doctors were unable to help me. My MRI's, and X-rays were normal until I had an X-ray taken while in the sitting position.
Please consider looking into the coccyx pain support group on fb. I'm in this as well as the coccyx surgery support group.
This can become debilitating, leaving you unable to work.
Best wishes on your journey.
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