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tailbone lump

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hi i was in the bath a few weeks ago and noticed when i lay down somethink hard, i felt and found a hard large lump on the tailbone by the top of my bum crack, its very tender an also can be painfull, its annoyin aswell as u can imagen. ive looked up tailbone lumps on the net but can only find cysts i dont fink this is a cyst as its inside and u cant see anyfink on the outside. im just worrid if its a tumor or cancer but to scared to go an get it checked out typical woman... im 22 and got a 6mths old baby im just scared dat its somethink realyy bad, can any1 help please?
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replied March 20th, 2011
unusual lump underneath skin on tailbone
I think i have the same thing. mine is on my tailbone too and its hard and lumpy and i wish to have it looked at by a doctor. but i cant see anything since its underneath the skin, ive been searching on the internet and i all i see is about cysts and those are on the skin. i know my mother had this too and had surgery to remove it thats all i know.
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