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tail bone pain

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I have been to several pain doctors, had x-rays and MRIs, and a colonostomy. I have pain in my tail bone while walking, standing for awhile or exercising. Narcotics or over the counter meds do not help the pain. I wake up at night with it several times at night. It has been going on for 3 years now. No one has been able to diagnose me and tell me what is causing the pain. I have been told I have mild arthrosis in the area, but not enough to cause the amount of pain I am ALWAYS in. It varys from 4-10 on the pain scale daily. I am scared that the amount of other the counter meds and narcotics I take will eventually damage my liver and/or kidneys. I have had chiropratic help, accupuncture, rehabilition exercises, cortisone shots and a series of three epidural shots. I had blood work for blood born cancer test and nothing showed up. Can anyone help me with what may be going on with me?????!!!!!!!!! I am getting VERY desperate!!!
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replied February 25th, 2009
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Have you tried TENS?
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