Hi i just need to know the symptoms associated with your ribs growing too long. I have been waiting to see a specialist but its driving me crazy while i am waiting. My chiropractor said my T3 ribs grew too long. I can't sleep on my sides b/c sometimes it feels like i can't breathe my muscles on my upper chest tighten up along with my back shoulder blade. My left arm also feels like a shot going down like a heart attack or something i have been checked ecg done all is normal but this is causing me to have panic attacks b/c i am not sure if the diagnosis is 100 per cent correct.
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replied November 20th, 2009
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hi stevey...
there probably arent many of us with thiscondition but my rib cage and bones in my spine actually grew too much. i had a hormonal condition that caused excess bone growth. for years i had chest pain and back pain but no breathing trouble.
drs kept telling me chest pain was muscular and not the heart....if in fact your ribs have grown, and best your dr does that diagnosis, then i would think stretching and exercise like swimming would help the discomfort. at least that's what helped me.....get as much info you can from your dr. so that you can end your panic attacks and relax. fear is often worse than the actual problem.....pete
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