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symptoms - white coating on my tongue and ...

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i am worried out of my head, and too scared to get tested so i am going to try to get some peace of mind from one of these forums.

here's how it started

i received unprotected oral sex from a prostitute.

about a week later, i had a high fever without any symptoms other than fatigue.

i got better, but about two weeks later i started coughing. i had a cronic cough for about two months, didn't think anything about it. then, one day i noticed a white coating on my tongue and started looking these symptoms up. i freaked out. about a couple of months with only the tongue problem and a lot of hours of research on the internet i was getting symptom after symptom. the one that is the most disturbing is my CONSTANT stomach growling. all day long, especially when i am laying down. so it's been about five months and i still have these two symptoms, stomach growling and white coating on tongue, and a mild sore throat which is worse in the morning.

had some standard blood tests everything came up fine, which makes me worry even worse.
i was prescribed nexium for acid reflux.

from all of this, and my internet research i think i could have:

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome
-HIV (hope not)
-coeliac disease

so, please any doctors around? what do you think it is?
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replied September 22nd, 2011
thank you for your prompt response! so you are saying i don't need to worry about HIV? I need this reassurance so that i can go on with my freaking life. Of course getting a test would be the best way, but again, TOO SCARED.
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