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Symptoms of UTI ?

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I am feeling the frequent urgency to urine. I noticed that I got up several times through the nite to potty, as well as throughout the day. I have had a few UTIs in the past but not recently. I just ended my menstrual cycle, and I did use tampons, as I always do, and also had sex with my husband the nite before I noticed these symptoms. I heard that you should always urine after sex to empty the bladder and to keep bacteria from entering that area. I did not urine this time, and I wonder if that is a factor? I know my doctor told me to do that when I had one before, but I failed to do that this time.
I also noticed that I have not been drinking enough water as I should, so it could be a few things.
The symptoms I am having are frequent urgency to urine, and after using the potty I notice I feel as though I did not empty my bladder completely. I don't like visiting the doctor, but I know I will have to because this is very uncomfortable. I also have a headcold - no aches or fever or anything like, so right now I feel very uncomfortable! (Lol)
I heard that cranberry juice is great for infections. I have tried that in the past and it works well.I also read online that I should drink 8 glasses of water to rid the infection, but having this urgency makes me not want to drink anything!

Any input would be great from someone! Thanks!
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replied March 3rd, 2010
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You should pee both before and after sex...This way your urethra is empty instead of full...Less pressure and makes for great sex....Hope you are feeling better...Take care...

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