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symptoms of sweet mouth, joint pain, and coughing

This might not be realted to cancer, but I ddin't know where to post for the symptoms. I went with the harsh one for the sweet mouth symptom.

Unfortunately, GP's in Canada don't care much, and we have to come to ask from the internet where there are good doctors but no test can be done.

Here is some of my symptoms:
* Have been having episodes of awful coughing, two itmes even with blood, for over 5 years now.
* 2 months ago, my mouth started to have this sweet taste in it. It's so sweet that I am not having sugar anymore as my mouth is just sweet automatically.
* I am getting joint pains that are mild and come and go.
* I am getting pain in back and neck that are extraordinarily long and strong, because of which I cannot slep and I am kinda sorta disabled to move freely like before. I have had general back /neck pain, and sometimes some nerve is pinched and such, but this is like a more chronic version of a pinched nerve; it has been staying strong for 2 weeks now, while I am resting a lot.
* There is pulsating pain in chest. My pressure seems to be typically around 135 on 95
* There has been a very awful pulsating pain in my right lower side of the jaw. Checked with dentist, and he says it is not tooth related.

What is this?

If some testing is needed to verify something, how can I convince a doctor to order it. In Canada, they don't do anything until you are actually dying. There is no prevention to save on their budget. I don't know what to do.

I have concerning symptoms that seemed to be just ignored.
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