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Symptoms of perimenopause ?

I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice, I really think I'm losing my mind! I am nearly 44 , I have a two year old son. I have had two hot flashes in the last three months. I think they are hot flashes, all of a sudden I feel something hot and rising on my chest, look in the mirror and my chest and face are red as a lobster. No sweating though or racing heartbeat. Went to the Doctor , they checked my levels and all was normal but my Estrogeon was 54. on the low end of normal!

My last two periods have been painful, bloating, brown spotting then normal flow.

I'm feeling Mood swings, sudden tears , anxiety/fear like something is wrong with me. I have headaches every day for the last month. Just a light nagging tension headache. I went to an allergist this week and she is now having me tested for a fatal disease because of the headaches and hot flashes. To say the least I am in panic mode.

Do you think this is peri- menopause? Or anxiety? Is it normal at 43? I just don't feel myself lately.

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replied March 12th, 2009
Community Volunteer
Seeing you have a two year old son, this could have brought this on earlier...I think with us women, just about everything is normal...Keep us posted on the tests...But it is probably just part of the adventures of nearing middle age....
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