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symptoms of kidney area pain

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A couple of days ago a sharp pain started around the kidney area the right side of my back I looked its not a kidney stone nor infection. It hurts enough to keep me from sleeping but not enough for me to double over in pain or cry. Can someone help me figure this out I have only two months left of free health care
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replied October 19th, 2011
1. Distending pain in renal region.

People themselves may feel the pain spontaneously in one side of the kidney region or in both sides. The pain usually lasts for a rather long period. One key point is: generally, the pain caused by kidney disease will be severe after heavy work and remit after rest, while the pain caused by lumbar muscle strain will be aggravated after rest and remit after mild exercise. This is a simple way to preliminarily distinguish kidney disease from other reasons for the pain. In most cases, inflammation and tumour in kidneys will enlarge the kidneys and then the membrane of kidneys will be stretched, so pain in renal region will appear therewith.

2. Tenderness (pressing pain) in renal region.

Normal people can feel slightly painful and discomfortable only when pressed heavily on the bottom of right kidney, so the tenderness in renal region is an important measure for diagnosis of kidney disease. There are mainly three point which can arouse pain. When pressed heavily in the periphery of rectus abdominis, the patient feel obvious pain, then the pain usually indicates pathological changes of renal pelvis or upper ureter. When pressed the crossing part of the periphery of rectus abdominis and the anterior superior iliac spine, the patient feel obvious pain, then the pain is usually the sign of pathological changes in ureter of this very site of the body. When pressed the connecting corner of the 12th floating rib and the spine in the back, the patient feel obvious pain, then there may be problems of renal pelvis.

3. Percussion pain in renal region.

Percussion refers to the action that the left palm put on the renal region of the patient, and then tap the back of the left hand with the right fist, and the force is from mild one to heavy one. If there is pain, the pain always indicates the inflammation of kidney or of kidney tissues, and also the Renal Tuberculosis, Hydronephrosis, kidney stones, kidney tumour, etc.

The pain in renal region is always confusing because it cannot be distinguished easily by the sufferers themselves. It may be aroused by kidney diseases, changes in psoas and other problems. The disease history, precursory causes of the pain and individual physical condition can be helpful for the distinguishing approach. Generally speaking, the pain caused by kidney disease has no relationship with exercise, and have no influence in legs; while loin pain caused by changes of spine or psoas will extend into low limbs and become severer after exercise.

The pain in renal region may be the signs for kidney disease, but kidney disease is not the only reason for the pain. If you have pain in renal region, the aforementioned can be helpful for you to distinguish by yourselves. However, if the pain lasts for a long time and become severer, we do suggest you to see a doctor and have it checked. For kidney disease at least, the earlier the diagnosis is, the better the prognosis will be, so early examination matters a lot.
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