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I really don't even know how to explain what the problem is to myself.

I will eat nothing but a piece of fruit and chocolate for days and then all of a sudden I'll start eating loads, usually junk. This will last for a couple of days and then I'll switch back to eating hardly anything.

I feel sick sometimes in the mornings, usually the morning after days when I have not eaten a lot. Sometimes goes away if I eat something, other times it doesn't.
It was really bad the other day, All I'd had to eat the day before was a piece of fruit. I woke up and was feeling so sick I was scared to sit up incase I was sick everywhere. My blood sugar must have been really low as well because I was trembling and shaky and felt faint. My flatmate was worried and told me to eat something sugary (she already thinks I'm anorexic), but all I could find was fruit juice so I drank it all and then went down the shop to get chocolate.
It's not like I'm consciously making a decision NOT to eat, it's just I'll only eat when I feel hungry and if I don't feel hungry I forget to eat. Quite often I'll get to five or six in the evening and then start feeling hungry and realise "I actually haven't eaten anything again today".

I find that sometimes the eating nothing coincides with the end of my period, but it's usually random.

I'm not anorexic. I wouldnt ever deliberately starve myself or make myself sick. It's purely because I forget to eat, or just don't feel hungry.

Apart from feeling sick sometimes I'm fine but that doesn't stop me wondering sometimes that I might possibly be harming myself. I' m not loosing weight though which is weird.
Sorry for the long post.
Does anyone else get this or is it just me?
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replied June 2nd, 2008
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That's an eating disorder.
It starts off small, eating small meals here and there, skipping some all together, then when you haven't eaten in a while you pounce on food, because your body is telling you i need food!
At the end of your post you said:
"im not loosing weight though which is weird" that says to me, that you are doing this in order to lose weight, which is also signs of eating disorder.
This is the atart of something big, an eating disorder is not fun.
I was anorexic for almost a year and bulimic for a year as well. I would skip meals, bring up food, live off a quarter slice of an apple.
1 quarter for breakfast,
1 quarter for lunch,
1 quarter for dinner,
and the last quarter as a snack.
The rest of the time i lived off tea, and when i would eat a meal, i would purge it.
And at first i was the same way, thinking and telling myself, its not a problem, im not deliberately not eating, just sometimes "i dont feel hungry" but after a while, i realized it was a problem.
I wasn't feeling well, would sleep alot, eat something sugary when i felt like crap...
Your body is shutting down when you dont eat. Your depriving your body of nutrition. You need more than fruit, fruit juice and chocolate in our system.
And chocolate wont make you lose weight. Its full of sugar, calories, and alot of crap.
If you want to lose weight, get on a nutrition plan, eat fruit, salad and other veggies, chicken and other meat, grains and exercise. Exercise is key. The only way you will lose weight and get in shape is if you eat healthy and exercise, the weight is not going to go away by itself.
I have realized this finally, it took me a while, but i did it, and if i didnt i wouldnt be where i am now, im healthy, pregnant and my baby is healthy too. If i were stillin the same boat there would be no way to do this all now. and i could have possibly lost the baby due to a lack of nutrients.
You should go to a nutrition or dietition center to get and look into help while its early to nip this in the butt.
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replied June 4th, 2008
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Thanks for your advice.
I'm honestly not doing it to loose weight, I don't think I need to loose weight, it's just i think it's a bit weird that i'm forgetting to eat and then I'm actually gaining weight. I don't understand how that mechanism works. I do excercise as well. I go running most days for about 40 mins and I walk everywhere.

I mean I knew something was wrong, I will eat healthily when I remember. I cook vegetables a lot on the days when i do eat, but then i will just snack on crap and feel really bad afterwards. On the days when I don't feel like eating I will now make myself eat. I will go to the lengths of cooking a really healthy meal and then just eat four or five mouthfuls and start feeling sick, and don't want it.
I know it's ridiculous. I am not doing this on purpose. I just forget to eat, and eating when I'm not hungry just makes me feel really sick.
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replied June 4th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
did you know that when you dont eat you gain weight?
you have no nurtients going in your body, no exercise to burn off what you dont need, so you become like a slug. Plus your eating the wrong things, chocolate is fatty, which is not good for you. the best chocolate to eat if you do eat any is dark chocolate because its healthy for you actually.
the snacks of junk food, are not healthy too. most chips and snacky foods have MSG in them, monosodium glutamate. an appetite suppresser to make you full faster. plus is loaded with unhealthy things in them.
snack foods that are unhealthy slow your body down too and make you unactive.
they make you feel sick if you eat too much of them.
i know you dont think this is an eating disorder problem, but its sounds like it is.
after a few bites your full, you feel sick after eating, feel like crap because your pretty much only eating junk foods...these are signs of an eating disorder.
you cant forget to eat..did you know your body preforms better when you feed it the nutritous foods? you have more energy, you look healthy, its better for you in the long run.
junk foods are not going to make you healthy. because they are so processed you could end up not being able to have a bowel movement for a long time because that junk food takes a long time to break down in your body.
throw out the crap foods. and eat healthy foods when you want a snack.
carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, you could eat those with dip as a snack, an apple, grapes, honey dew mellon, oranges, crackers with peanut butter or jam, those are all good healthy snack foods.
at dinner, you could make cabbage soup, its easy to make, healthy for you, you can add any veggies that you like into the broth, and cabbage is good for you too.
have chicken with rice or potatoes, a salad with chicken...there are so many healthy meals and snacks you can be feeding your body.
and they will make you feel better too.

when you exercise, what have you eaten before you went for a run? you cant run on an empty stomach and drinking a sports drink wont help you that much.
if your exercising with no food in you [like a healthy snack] your going to feel sick afterwards.

there are alot of books out there on healthy living styles. they have healthy eating tips, exercises and healthy snacks too. eating healthy, remembering to eat every day and not skipping meals will make you feel better in the end.
I know you dont think this is a problem, but this is just the start of something.
you may not be doing it consciously, but subconsciously, you are.
if you talked to any eating disorder specialist, they'd probably say the same thing, and that this is an eating disorder without you knowing it is one.

eat healthy, exercise right, and you will feel so much better, and not so sick.
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replied June 4th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
here's an article that i think you should read. ght?--How-Not-Eating-Enough-Can-Cause-You- to-Gain-Weight!&id=1216470

it explains how not eating can cause you to gain weight and why this is.
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replied June 19th, 2009
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replied December 28th, 2009
Do I really have an eating disorder
I am only 13 and I have all the symptoms as greywolf said and im so scared. I never eat cause im not hungry but when I do its all junk, I have problems getting to sleep and even feel sick thinking about food, My mum is taking me up the doctors but im not doing it to loose wait, yes i think im fat but im too young to be worrying about things like what. What should I doo!
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