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Symptoms of congestive heart failure getting worse?

My father was diagnosed with CHF about 4 years ago and was hospitalized for 2 weeks, he is currently 57. Since then his diabetes got progressively worse, he has put on a massive amount of weight (I estimate he weighs 400 lbs since he refuses to tell anyone) and alot of fluid retention. He has also been getting more and more sedentary, and is spending 3/4 of the day asleep with his Cpap on (he also has sleep apnea)

He used to wear size 9 shoes but now has trouble squeezing into 13W.

Recently he has been having trouble just walking to the kitchen, and I have noticed he gets short of breath just walking 15 feet. He spends all of his waking hours at his computer on facebook and eating. The thing that drove me to asking about this is that I got inside from working all morning, coming home overhauling the mower and mowing the yard in 100 degree heat and he asked me what I was cooking him for supper and was not happy when I said I wasn't cooking.

I have tried everything to get him to work out, offered to pay for a membership to the fitness center at the hospital, bought a weight bench, a treadmill and an exercise bike, he wouldn't use any of them, and now he never goes outside, except for a dr appt.

With the way these symptoms have gotten worse I am very concerned and worried about what to do. I asked him last night if he needed to go to the hospital but he refused. I am not certain what to do at this point. Anybody else ever been in a similar situation?
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replied August 8th, 2011
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Hi s10sleeper and welcome to ehealth: If it was my Father or husband I would get a calorie book and figure out a good diet for him...First and foremost, chances are he should be on BP medicine as well as a diaretic to control the water that he seems to be storing in his body...He needs a doctor supervision...

On the diet side I would cut his calories down to say around (depending upon his height) 1600 calories a day...I would watch his salt and carbos...Sugar again would be watched...Lean meat, chicken and very little starch...Lot of vegetables and start there...You really need to speak with a Nutritionist on this...I am just kind of filling in some blanks...You see I work with my husband on his diet to stay where he is and many things I speak about are very good for healthy people...As far as working out, forget it...He is too heavy...You try and make him do this and he might stroke out...A little walking would be good, but go slow...Get his weight under control first...

Don't continue to feed him what he wants...Make it healthy....I wish I could help you more on this, but he must be stopped...I wish you well...Take care...

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