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Symptoms of Appendicitis ?

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Hi, I've, over the period of seven days, been experiencing some weird symptoms. What started as a pain on my hip when I moved quickly or jerked turning a dull, internal, and near constant pain on my lower right side. I have moved from normal bowel movement to false bowel movements, gas, and diarrhea. At times, my lower right abdomen is very sensitive to the touch and feels tight. I have a great general feeling of sickness. On my right hip is a very sharp pain that occurs any time I move to the right. Right now, I can feel moderate pain from midway down my groin area to the lower right side of my stomach. I went to the doctor yesterday and was told that I either had a localized virus or the flu, neither of which describe what I feel. Any ideas?
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replied January 10th, 2009
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I forgot to mention a marked increase in burping. This occurs randomly and does not depend on if I've eaten. I also have no real fever and have not vomited, though at times my stomach has felt as if I was about to.
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