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symptoms match with me: Do i have schizophrenia?

These are the symptoms that match with me:
24 hour thinking,
lacking in motivation,
don't express emotions or express them only mildly, even when confronted angrily, or in a dangerous situation.
Inability to talk about feelings,
Sometimes feeling nothing at all ,
--Appearing desireless- seeking nothing, wanting nothing
--Hypersensitivity to criticism, insults, or hurt feeling.
Depression- feeling discouraged and hopeless about the future
--Suicidal thoughts or suicidal ideation
-Severe Anxiety
-Inability to form or keep relationships
-Social isolation- few close friends if any. Little interaction outside of immediate family.
-spending most of the days alone.
-Becoming lost in thoughts and not wanting to be disturbed with human contact
Difficulty expressing thoughts verbally. Or not having much to say about anything.
-intense feeling that people are talking about you, looking at you
feeling you are being watched
Ruminating thoughts
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replied October 2nd, 2014
"Do I have schizophrenia?"
I would not leap to the conclusion that you have schizophrenia, jakesully. You certainly need to be evaluated by a competent, specialized clinician (not all have the requisite expertise in psychotic ailments), as the diagnosis is a serious one and treatment is a function of diagnosis.

For starters, even allowing for the different types of schizophrenia, most common "positive"* symptoms seem to be lacking (although a face to face interview is needed):

a) you don't indicate delusional thinking
b) you didn't mention the experience of hallucinations (auditory or visual)
c) your writing is neither rambling nor tangential, and you are able to construct long, complex phrases (unless of course, you are just copying from online lists - quite probable! Is the main subject of your ruminations, what’s the “matter with me” - i.e., what’s my diagnosis?). All the same, there is a level of organization that seems to be present in your thinking . This too is a good sign.

You don't mention your age, or how long you’ve been symptomatic - likewise, how and if you are functioning in the world. Are you holding down a job or managing in school?

It sounds, if anything, more like a diagnosis of schizoid personality disorder would suit you, but, as I said, you really need to be evaluated live (Personally, I think two or even three evaluations are desirable for such a serious diagnosis. ) You also sound like you could be suffering from a major depressive disorder with paranoid features or even a social anxiety disorder. Asperger’s Syndrome might be still another possibility.

All this goes to show how important it is not to self-diagnosis. Sounds like you've gone as far as you can with Dr. Google!

Good luck, jake. If you don’t like the way you feel or function, there IS help available regardless of the formal diagnosis you are assigned. If you really don’t care, well, then less so - something true of all of us, however.

*Note: "positive" doesn't mean good, in this context. It just describes one of two categories of schizophrenic symptoms.
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