I'm a male in my 30's. I'm prob 50 lbs overweight and I know my cholesterol is high. 

I have always been told my blood pressure is high. I'm not on any meds. I also have tons of stress/ pressure in my life... Mainly work. 

Several times a day I get alot of pressure in my head and then oddly enough, my hearing pretty much goes out. I can just hear what sounds like my blood pumping. Its like I'm underwater and all sounds are muffled. All I can hear is that pumping noise and I feel real flush in the face. After a few seconds it goes away.

One other symptom I have is when I'm in a particularly stressful situation, it feels like someone is literally squeezing my testicles. It's bad enough that it's difficult to walk during an episode. After a minute it subsides. 

Do these issues sound blood pressure related?  
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replied September 12th, 2009
having high blood pressure and high cholesterol is a silent killer. that means that you dont usually get any side effects from them, the doctor usually catches it when you go to the doctors for a check up.
if you have high blood pressure, a lot of people have high cholesterol also, like me.
when you are upset, stressed out, your pressure can be raised and you can feel dizzy, or other symptoms.
are you planning on getting on meds.
if not i was told that you can take apple cidar vinegar, eat garlic to try to lower your pressure.
try this and go to your doctor to see if it is lowered.
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