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Symptoms disappear at 9 weeks

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Hello,as of this week I am said to be almost 10 weeks pregnant. My due date is June 20th 2010. When I first became pregnant, I did not have swelling of the breasts, but did suffer from fatigue and nausea almost all hours of the day/night. When I first took a pregnancy test around 5 weeks the hcg hormone was very strong and a positive result showed up almost immediately. I scheduled a visit with my obgyn and again the test in her office showed up positive very quick. On friday the 13th of November, last week, I experienced cramping that had me bent over in pain which came and went throughout what seemed like a few hours... there was no bleeding so I thought nothing of it. Th following monday which was november 16th, I had another dr appt, and this time my pregnancy test took almost 10 minutes to show up a positive, a faint positive at that. I have an ultrasound on monday the 23rd of november, but would like an opinion sooner if possible. My symptoms of nausea are still present but no where near what they were, my appetite literally came back saturday after the horendous cramps. Does this sound like I could be miscarrying? IF so what should I expect to follow...? Thank you
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replied November 25th, 2009
how did your ultrasound go? i hope everything went well!! and you would of had bleeding and really really bad pain that you probly would of had to call 911 for. i had to wittness my friend miscary and it was horrible! having nasuea is good it means you have strong hormons and somtimes syptoms go away faster than expected. i know for me i am 32 weeks and i had nasea for abtou 15 weeks some people get none and somepeople are sick there whole pregnancy. everyone is differnt. i hope that everything went well. best wishes!
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