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Symptoms associated with Yasmin product


I have already posted questions on this site several times concerning the product Yasmin and I believe that my next resort is to visit the doctor.

I have been experiencing several troubling symptoms - pain repeatedly in my pelvic area similar to cramps, yet incredibly severe; several weeks with brown discharge and spotting (separated by months of clear normal discharge); bloating in the abdomen; breast tenderness and occasional itching.

I am concerned as I have not experienced a normal flow since January, and I had been taking the pill, Yasmin, the 21-day pack repeatedly without breaks for the last five months.

I am currently experiencing a thick brown discharge which I see when I insert a tampon, but no flow of blood. I am also experiencing cramping repeatedly in the pelvic area.

I did take a break about three months ago, when I had the flu and was forced to take antibiotics.

I wonder if the symptoms are that of a pregnancy or if I am experiencing a hormone imbalance or reaction to the Yasmin product.

I would greatly appreciate a response, possibly from a medical professional, or anyone who has experienced these symptoms.
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replied December 15th, 2010

I am not a medical professional but you definitely need to see a doctor. As well as the symptoms you describe, Yaz and Yasmin (they are very similar and both made by the saem manufacturer) have been linked to many very serious side effects like blood clots leading to heart attack, stroke and even death.

I hope you find a solution quickly, good luck!
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