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Symptoms after receptive sex in sauna


I visited gay sauna on numerous occasions lately. I had anal sex with two men, I was the receptive one. Condoms were used, and they didn't break or fall of. During one oral I did notice a bit of precum (I suppose), and I did make sure at least 3 hours passed after brushing my teeth..

After the last time I went to the sauna I started having diarrhea - it was 11 days after the first intercourse and 2 days after the second. It was full blown diarrhea, and I felt a bit weird in my stomach at times, but otherwise I felt ok.

I started watching my diet and after 3-4 days it felt like it was over, the stool was almost normal.

Then I had some dairy products for dinner (I didn't know dairy products are nono when you have diarrhea), again had diarrhea. Watched the diet again and in about 2 days it was normal and for 3-4 days it felt great. Yesterday I ate a lot of apple pie and some chocolate, and today I had diarrhea again - though it was mixed, like normal stool and diarrhea together. So it's kinda weird diarrhea, but I do notice that it is somewhat influenced by the foods I eat.

And I started sweating today. Yes, it's summer and its hot, and yes I am not sweating constantly, but it has been going on through the day and I didn't sweat like this before. It seems like it stopped in the last 20 minutes.

Also, in the sauna there's a jaccuzi with lots of men inside and you just can't prevent some of the water entering your mouth, which could be the reason for the diarrhea.

Today is 22nd day from the first intercourse and 13th from the second. What is your assessment, was I at risk?
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