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Symptoms after jaw surgery, braces and retainer.

Hello everyone,

I have been wearing braces since 2005. I was inconsistent with my visits to the Orthodontist. I was told to decide if I wanted to do a jaw surgery to correct my bite. I had a lot of hesitation due to the risk of permanent numbness around the lip and mouth area.

After stalling for many years..I went through with the lower jaw advancement surgery, last year, in July 2011. The surgery went well and no nerves were cut and after a while, feeling came back to my lips. Pain went away too. Everything was going well.

Last month, 27th march, I debraced and things were going well. I had to go back in a week's time to get my retainer.

I got my retainer and started wearing it on the first day for 24 hours and then min.10hrs the following three to four days, when I started noticing while I'm eating this rubbing sound near my right ear. It's like when you rub your palm and that's the noise I hear and it started happening more often, with drinking water and sometimes just talking. I've also started having more pain. I don't get it, I was fine without the retainer. And, to me it seems like right side is "poking out" more bone.

I went back to my ortho to collect a second model I wanted and asked about this and he said that the x-ray taken two weeks before the braces look fine and to give my body time to adjust and try not wearing retainer for a week.

I am starting to have quite a bit of pain at times, I used a hot compress since reading about it. My neck hurts but mostly my right side hurts near and below the jawline. And, the rubbing or shifting noise.

I'm going to see my surgeon later this week.

I feel so upset and regretful for having the surgery. I also don't understand why I start feeling all this after wearing retainer which was so right and couldn't wait to remove it.

Please advice!
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replied April 7th, 2012
Can I get any advice?

My symptoms have gotten worse. I have ear congested that seem to have stayed after crying, along with a sore throat that needed with a cold.

I had difficulty swallowing saliva. I have some hearing loss from this congestion.

I've been told by a neuromuscular dentist to move my jaw forward and change my bite since my jaw bone is too far into the skull bone. There is bone on bone contact now.

I don't know what to do. My orthodontist referred me to a colleague whose a Prothodontist and handles facial related pains.

Any advice??
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