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March 12th, 2011
The infernal itch
I now suspect I may have an unknown parasite, chronic shingles,(I had the vaccination too) or Morgellon disease. The CDC has recognized Morgellon but has no cure.
I did read where a Chinese herb healer cured it but the article had no indication as to whom he might be.
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replied March 31st, 2011
Ok- I am posting on some very good info and excellent results I have been diagnosed with.

First, some info I found while research this nasty rash. On another blog, it was found by several people that artificial sweeteners were the culprit and if, I remember correctly, a rash like we have been describing is a sympton. Several people posted that once the eliminated ALL artificial sweeteners their rashes went completely away.

That didn't apply to me since I have never eaten artificial sweeteners (they make me nausious).

Now here is what has worked for me. I quit taking all my meds (synthroid, simvastatin and omeoprazole). Went to a new doc, he referred me to an excellent dermatologist and as soon as this dermatoligist saw my rash, said immediately it was a medicatiion allergic reaction. He gave me some kind of steriod shot that day... then put me on a predniozone (steriod) for 5 days, a steriod cream for 2 days, and Atarax (spelling? for be taken at night (it knocks me out). I am off the oral steriods and the rash IS clearing up, no itching...beside the dryness of the rash healing. Saw him again today, gave me another smaller steriod shot, have me still using the cream and Atarax. Wants me back in 2 weeks and to make sure whatever was in my system is gone. Will then start introducing my meds, Synthroid first since is the the most crucial. He is convinced that the Simvastatin will be culprit. He did say that with the extreme outbreak I had a couple of weeks the same time he took some skin to biopsy, that the biopsy did show pustules (spelling) under the skin which supports a med reaction.

One other thing that has just overall helped with my skin and also gave me some itching relief was someone's advice about take a hot shower (as hot as you can tolerate without obviously burning yourself), my rash would itch for about 20-30 seconds and then just stop. I would also use an over the counter cream called AMLACTIN. It basically is a moisturizer with lactic acid in it as an exfoliate. I think this just helped to get rid of the old dead skin that maybe was irritating my rash. It would burn a bit when I applied it on the exposed rash. But, in general helped temporarily.

Now I am not advocating going off your meds on your own...but, find a doc that will work with you and keep switching until you find someone that will. I did have a dr. that biopsied this 2 years ago...but, determined it was just a general dermatitis. He didn't listen to me that it seemed to have started when I started on the 3 meds mentioned above.

Good Luck to all of you. I wish you to each of you a path to that one doctor that will help you out permanently. I will post one more time once I start going back on meds and the results. is a a little something from ALLHAILSTER....

May your rash find a place,
where it hides,
And gets off your case.

May relief come to your itch,
Because come on,
We all know it's a beech.

Keep searching for the clue
Find a doc,
That will get to the new you!!!

Good Luck to all!
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replied April 21st, 2011
Rash that was designated as drug induced from my biopsies.
You didn't say if your rash went away. I started with a rash on my face. Then it spread to my hands, chest and now the sides of my thighs. My face and scalp really itch. I went to the doctor and they suggested I get tested for Lupus. I had 3 biopsies at the Dermatologist and it suggested a drug induced rash. I was on spironolactone and coreg and stopped both along with all supplements. The rash started 3 months ago. I stopped spironolactone and haven't been on it for a month. My doctor weaned me off coreg and it has been two weeks. I still have the rash and don't understand why it isn't gone by now. I am wondering if something else could be doing this. Has anyone else gone through this?
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replied June 26th, 2012
Hi allhailster, please tell us about the results of ur treatment..i hope u r healthy
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replied May 18th, 2011
Six years of rash and no cure
Nothing helps--fungicides, steroids, moisturizers etc.
GP, Dermatologist, allergist all give same creams and pills. Stopped using anything. Do get temporary relief from Witch Hazel. It has been six years and finally there is some improvement. I suspected Morgellon which has been hidden by some gov. program. Redness looks like radiation burns. Rashes do not get any clinical studies; therefore, no cures.
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replied May 19th, 2011
I finally have been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Dermatomyositis. It hits one out of 100,000. It started with extreme muscle weakness. I couldn't even lift my legs on the couch without using my hands. I couldn't pull myself up in bed. It was like I had no muscle! I ached all over feeling very weak. Then a few days to a week, the rash started. This was in February 2011 and it is now May. I have the rash on my face, across cheeks and nose and above eyes and forehead. It was very itchy. It spread to my hands, chest and my thighs and has a red to purplish color. They have me on prednisone and Plaquenil. ANA is positive in my bloodwork and it is not in my muscles as of yet. It is a pretty scary illness and I have heart issues on top of this new serious illness. Dermatologist didn't find it...they only checked for lupus. Rheumatologist did extensive bloodwork and he recognized the rash. It is very distinctive on the hands and face. If anyone has any questions, I have read so much about this in the past few weeks.
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replied January 7th, 2012
Have a symmetrical rash on both arms, also on my back and chest. This is my second rash episode. The first lasted from May to September and was very extensive, painful, and itchy. Finally went away on its own, although I thought it had something to do with a drug allergy and the over the counter medicine Zyantac. During this period I had a biopsy (conducted by a dermatolgist) which showed my rash may be somehow related to some kind of drug rash reaction.

Now i'm in the fourth week of my second rash from hell. I'm thinking it had something to do with cortisone shots I had for herniated disks in my back. Seems to be a cause and affect between getting the rash proceeded by the cortisone shots. I'm told this can not be so because cortisone is what they administer to treat a rash. My allergist states you can be allergic to cortisone steroids, believe it or not. I have patch tests next week and we will see what happens. I also suspect I may be allergic to iodine which is used during the steroid shot procedure. I'll keep you posted. Not to confident at this point as I've been through the mill and I still have the “rash from hell”, going into my second year.

OORAH!! The patch test showed I'm allergic to cortisone! The doctor put 3 different types of cortisone, plus iodine among many other things on my patch test and I tested positive for 2 out of the 3 cortisones. The one they used in the shots I got for my back flashed a big red. I now know what causes my rash! After several wild goose chases and all the pain, itch, and worry for months on end.

So, what advice do I have for anyone suffering with a, "rash from Hell"?

1. Be your own detective and think of anything that may have a cause and affect to your rash.
2. Keep an accurate timeline in writing with all the facts regarding your rash and bring it to doctor with you.
3. Go to the right type doctor and do your homework on the internet and find a qualified ALLERGIST familiar with every type of rash including drug rashes.
4. When you go to the doctor, make your feelings and ideas known and do not let him or her steam roll you with, " it's only dry skin" or "you cannot be allergic to cortisone".
5. Do not give up: There is a solution to your rash! Take the time and effort to help cure yourself.

Point of interest: My allergist told me that my rash is symetical because the cause of the rash (cortisone-in my case)is raging throughout my entire body. The rash on my skin is the actual exit point for the offending cortisone as it leaves my body and this process can to take months.

Good luck and God bless to all!
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replied February 28th, 2012
Symmetrical itch
My 'symmetrical itch', like others above, started on the ankle, then calf, then other leg, then one tricep before the other, to torso each side, forearm similar to many above, clearing up from earlier affected areas as it moves to new areas. VERY symmetrical in location, and either side of the body being affected as the other within a few days. Steriod creams help temporarily but not permanently. The differences to above: I am 52, I don't recall eczma as a child, and my fingers are not affected. The condition started about 4 months ago when I moved to the UK i.e cooler than Madrid where I was. Hot showers help, like scratching without inflamming, then followed by a cold rinse to numb the skin. Three trips to the docs have failed to resolve. Work trips to Singapore help a lot, clearing up skin in a 2 week trip, only to reapear when back home. I am about to start a 'wheat free diet' on account of the above messages. Any other tips?
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replied June 25th, 2012
Eczema symmetrical
Hi , i live in India and am sailing in the same boat as all of you for the last 6 months at 36yrs of age. I am currently keeping a diary of my food intake .. some one told me that taking honey + lemon in lukewarm water in the morning helps alleviate allergy but i have tried it for one week with no relief.. now I will try taking only honey+ water

next I will try neem oil on one patch only

my sister has shellfish allergy so i have to try a shellfish free diet too

i have tried homeopathic treatment for 5 months but no use.. of course he treated my daughter's eczema successfully (she is 11)

i can understand when you say that you prefer pain to itch.. because it is the same with me

I currently use a steroid cream generously like a body lotion (ha ha) and anti allergent.. my current doctor is quite supportive

I have also joined yoga classes.. and feel quite relaxed and happy after my yoga session

eczema or not I will recommend Yoga to all especially the breathing exercises which help us clear the toxins from our body

I will keep you all informed about the developments

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replied July 9th, 2012
Hi all, Now i have changed my night tablet from allegra to levocet. this new tablet makes me drowsy even in the morning and i need a nap in the afternoon...but overall I am itch free.. its a grt feeling ..i hope I can stop this tab one day.. i have heard about cod liver oil too but have not yet tried it .. i try to eat as mauch as oily fish as possible eg mackerals and sardines.
good luck to all
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replied July 31st, 2012
I went looking for this post, I am the original poster from 3 years ago. I am 27 now, and my rashes have never gone away. Sometimes they still lessen with sun exposure, and stress seems to make them just awful. Keeping them moisturized helps with the itching and flaking. Right now, my fingers are clear, and so is the left side of my body for the most part- I have it still on the original site (going on 5 years now) on my right ankle, and within the last few months it has popped up as a silver dollar sized patch on my right hand. Very frustrating, as I can't really hide my hand the way I somewhat can with my ankle. All still maddeningly itchy. I think it is probably diet related, but have not been sticking to anything as far as gluten/dairy free yet. Anyone tried anything else?
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replied September 14th, 2012
Similar to most, I have had periods of time with symmetrical sensitive skin, but not a rash, nor is it so bad that I scratch it.

Then about 2-3 weeks ago it started to be aggressive. Itchy and symmetrical, and when I scratch it gets little lumps as well. Then after an hour or two it might fade away, but then start again later in another symmetrical position.

I am currently awaiting blood test results, but the doctor suggested that as an experiment I should take an anti-histamine tablet (Periactin) each night and see if it helps.

It's been 3 days, and no more rash! I still have the sensitive skin a bit, feels like mild sunburn, but it isn't itchy, there is no rash and I feel so much better.
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replied December 3rd, 2012
It is very reassuring to know that I am not the only one suffering from this.... I have just had another flair-up... I think this is now the 3rd or 4th year... It always happens at the same time of year (at the end of winter going into summer)... it hangs around for a month or 2 and then suddenly I am not aware of it and it's gone again... What worries me is that it is getting progressively worse...

I have found that the only relief is prednisone(?)(cortisone).... but that just masks the symptoms. I would LOVE to know what causes this... as it drives me crazy...

For my two cents worth, I believe it must me some kind of allergy be cause of it's symmetrical properties...

Good luck to you all...

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replied December 28th, 2018
It is crazy how there are so many people that start with the right ankle! I am going through this and have a similar story as many.

I had Childhood eczema.

My rash started with the right ankle at 37 years old. I thought I had more poison ivy which I had just got over.

I now have an extremely itchy symmetrical rash that affects different body parts at different times. Hands are the worst! I sometimes have it in a central location like the back of the neck, chest, or lower abdomen. Common spots are biceps, triceps, love handles, and back of the calves.

I had left over steroid cream I had for poison ivy called "betaderm" that clears it up very well. Like many, after internet readings I try to stay away from gluten but I love baking so I cheat often. Sometimes I think a new rash spot is related to eating gluten. However the other day I gorged on spinach dip and pumpernickel bread and had zero new spots as a result even 2 days later. (Maybe the half a bottle gin killed the gluten?)

I'm going to the doctor after New Years and I will definitely update if my doctors find a solution.

Thanks to everyone for sharing.
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