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Swollen Urethral Meatus and local itching


Approximately 3 weeks ago I developed a strong itching sensation around my anus. After about 1 week of this my penis and scrotum were touched sexually and since this time the itching spread to my groin area. I have now developed dry skin on my scrotum and and the entire circumference of my urethral meatus is swollen.

I have not had any discharge, last week I experienced tingling sensation in the glans of my penis and slight discomfort whilst urinating. So far I have tried a fluconazole tablet and clotrimazole cream. Since taking/using these, the symptoms have largely settled but the swelling has not gone down.

I have an appointment with my local STD clinic but would be grateful for your advice in the meantime.

Many thanks
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replied May 9th, 2012
How did the testing go. Similar situation but I think I have herpes an ulcerated lesion on my Hope u had btr luck!
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