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Swollen turbinate

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hello, my name is Blake, I am a 20 year old male. Very healthy, and physically active but my nose is slowing me down. Last year I had a septoplasty down because the left side of my nose was totally blocked. I was having panic attacks, and I was not sleeping well, feeling fatigued all threw out the day. I suffered from mild depression because of this. I also had brain fog all the time, forgetting things, or feeling in some type of zone( hard to explain). But thank God after the surgery I felt alot better. But now my turbinate on the right side is swelling up all the time, and it feels just like the deviated septum. Hard to breath having mild panic attacks, when working out start to feel dizzy cause I'm not getting enough air. My doctor has giving me multiple nasal sprays but they work for like a hour then it's back to the drama. I want to get surgery but again I don't cause of the empty nose syndrome thing.. Has any body gone thru this!! Please help. Thank u and God bless
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replied December 21st, 2011

Your story might as well be mine. There are a couple things you may want to examine. Do you have a deviated septum and have you been to an allergist? A deviated septum causes drainage issues which can lead to swollen turbinates. Allergies can also cause problems for breathing because they can inflame your airways. You may be experiencing apnea. Many people associate apnea with sleep apnea but apnea means a suspension of breathing which can occur at any time. This leads me to my next point - You may have exercise induced asthma. This can be caused by allergies or/and obstruction of your nasal cavities due to swollen turbinates.

The reason you may be having mini panic attacks is if any of the three things cause a decreased oxygen intake, your body automatically jumps into a panic mode because you're not getting enough oxygen. This reaction is your bodies "flight or fight" response kicking into overdrive try to find out why you have depleted oxygen levels. It isn't life threatening unless you are a severe asthmatic or encounter an allergen that causes anaphylactic shock; this doesn't sound like the case for you .The more frequently this happens the more sensitive you become to them psychologically which can cause these panic attacks to happen more frequently. Consult with an allergist, an ENT and possible a psychologist. I believe that this is where your problem lies. I had these problems for so long that I eventually developed health anxiety. Dizziness could because by both anxiety and turbinate swelling so don't think this is abnormal. Talk to a professional. If they aren't being responsive go to a different doctor or assert that you want to be more aggressive with other treatments.
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