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Swollen tonsil at night?

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I had a sinus infection about two weeks ago. I finally got over being sick about 2 weeks ago. Ever since them at night one tonsil will irritate me. It feels like its swollen and hurts when I cough. It's different that when I had my sore throat. Like it even hurts to move my tongue. I usually get this pain on the left side at night. During the day the symptoms subside for quite some time. What could it be?
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replied March 13th, 2012
I am having the same problem. The pain in the evening is so severe that I don't want to swallow. I went to the doctor yesterday and he couldn't find anything wrong with my throat like strep, or anything. However, he did say that my uvula was abnormal looking...? I wish there was an answer for this. It is very painful, and nothing I do takes away the pain. I just look forward to the daytime hours when the pain seems to subside. It's very unusual, never have been through anything like this before.
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