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Swollen tongue, right ear and right side of throat HURT!

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My tongue is pierced and I've had it pierced for over 5 years now without ANY problems until recently. About a week ago I noticed the area around my piercing was hard and a bit sore but it didn't bother me at all.I switched the bars out, returning to the original piercing bar.I did this because when I originally got my tongue pierced, the top ball was going through my tongue due to its small size and how swollen my tongue was. I figured that the larger ball I had in was also going through so I switched in the hopes that extending the bar would alleviate the problem....I was wrong. I wake up Thursday and my tongue is starting to swell slowly.

Come Friday, during work, my tongue is so swollen I'm slurring my speech and having a very difficult time just swallowing. My tongue is swollen and has been since and it's Sunday. I've been sucking on ice which is really uncomfortable for my teeth and I've been staying away from food I need to chew. I've been gargling a diluted mix of water and peroxide/mouth wash with no alcohol in it and NOTHING seems to have helped. It actually seems to have worsened!

My tongue is still ballooned - speaking is out of the question. My right ear has been bothering me prior to the problem with my tongue and now its so painfully horrendous some simple sounds (like the bass from music)have me cringing. Another wonderful thing I've seemed to have gained is an extremely tender/sore lymph node just below the right side of my jaw. A simple touch there hurts.

I dunno what any of this could be. I've NEVER had this problem before and I've never had all these symptoms jump out at me so quickly. I have no idea what it could be but I definitely plan on calling my doctor come Monday if I wake up and these ailments are still with me.

Any ideas on what this is?
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replied April 10th, 2011
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