Hi my name is Liam, i have a question and hopefully you can help me.

My grandmother got ammitted to hospital approx 3 weeks ago with appendix, she got them removed and discovered that they were rotten, apparantly they burst on the operating table, her stomach was washed out a number of times and that was ok.

her stomach swelled up and she was unwell for a number of days she was let home last tuesday and immedielty started to have violent sweats her back was paining and her stomach is swelling up she went down hill and began to drift in and out of conciness and was re admitted last friday. since then her stomach is still swelling and has now a bad pain in her back.

please could you tell me whats the matter with her please because we are all worrying.


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replied October 7th, 2009
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Since usual signs and symptoms of appendicitis may be diminished, atypical or absent in the elderly, there could be a delay in diagnosis and treatment of appendix, which leads to greater chances for appendix perforation or rupture.
Patients with ruptured appendix have longer hospital stay, because a life threatening complication, a generalized peritonitis often develops.
This complication is followed with another known as paralytic ileus, or bowels obstruction.
Therapy for diffuse peritonitis, includes correction of the underlying cause, administration of systemic antibiotics, and supportive therapy to prevent or limit secondary complications due to organ system failure.
It is a serious condition with high mortality rates.
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