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Swollen Sinuses Relief? For six weeks my sinuses have been swollen. This often happens to me when a weather front moves into our area, but it usually goes away in a couple days or if it is severe I have been taking Allegra 180, an antihistamine. This time antihistamine doesn't help. I have had infected sinus once many years ago and my doctor gave me a phosphorus spray that killed the infection, but this isn't that, it is just swollen sinuses blocking off my nasal passages preventing me from breathing through my nose. The sinus drainage is clear and not abundant. Short of going to a doctor or allergists is there anything I can do at home or buy over the counter to take down the sinus swelling? I have been taking 50mg of antihistamine that helps some but it isn't doing the job this time. We are having cool nights, warm days and high humidity.


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replied October 19th, 2011
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by swollen sinuses and "clear and not abundant" drainage. It sounds like you may be experiencing pressure? You can make your own neti pot mix out of salt and baking soda, or buy an expensive version at the pharmacy. I've found that Sinox works really well, it uses high-tech salts and carbonates instead of table salt and baking soda. I find it really noticeably clears my sinuses and makes the whole region much more comfortable. You can try a few approaches to see what works best for you.
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