I am not sure if this is the right place to post but I would guess so.
Now I will post here what my symptoms are:

Sudden onset of Fatigue(sometimes its extreme)
General feeling of fatigue/weekeness
Headaches, all over , sometimes in my nose and eyes are, and on top of my head, pressure like and sometimes it feels almost like burning.
Brain feels like in fog
feeling of spaced out , like im there but not there.
Not being able to concentrate
Diziness, specialy when I change the position from sitting to standing huh its bad!
tingling and twiching of muscles when i exercise usually and sometimes without too, they dont last for long though usually minutes
Neausea in the morning and loss of apetite, usually after 5 pm i get the apetite back
Burning feet if i stay sitting for too long! Not when i get up

I also get anxiety and panic attacks which leads to depressin (but these ones I now know for sure why they are there) I know its nothing psycological, its because everytime I feel sudden onset of fatigue I panic so much, I feel like Im dying or something, I know stupid but at least now I know and I will work on the direction to manage them better because I know there is something physically wrong here....

I also did CT scan and my sinus membranes were apperently swallown and I have deviated septum.
Now why I posted in this forum is because I know this all could be connected to ear too, and my ears feel blocked all the time and sometimes really hurt a lot in the morning!

I am wondering if anynone had simmilar symptoms and how did they manage or fixed the problem!?

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replied January 15th, 2010
Holistic and Natural way to Heal yourself
I'm not expert, but from the research I have come up with, your body is definitely not healthy (no crap)

The majority of our health problems come from our diet and lifestyles. I've heard of MANY, MANY stories like yours, all with body malfunctions.

In my experience the only way to help yourself is to have a Major lifestyle change.
If you research raw foods you will find that all of our vital nutrients are in God's natural food.
That's right, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains.
There are many misconceptions about all of the benefits of dairy and meat, but it's just a suggestion that you look into raw food (some vegan) lifestyles

It's proven that sicknesses and unhealthy people will COMPLETELY change their life.

I'm not trying to be a spokesperson, but i've incorporated this lifestyle to my own and my family's and they've gotten rid of high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, (lost weight), they feel lighter, happier (it's proven processed food makes people depressed) and it's all to what they're body is consuming and how they are living.

I don't want you to think i'm some member of a cult trying to conform you, but i really think it would be in your best interest to research holistic and natural methods to cure yourself and be healthy.

Best of luck to you, you deserve to be healthy, happy, and vibrant!

God bless.
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replied January 15th, 2010
hey, i had sceptoplasty to fix my septum....breathing is soo much easier now!

did you get sick before this sudden onset of fatigue? I did (viral infections, sinusitis for you perhaps), and my energy has only been coming back very slowly. You should limit cardio. Just lots of rest, fluids and food helps.

also, dairy products make sinus problems worse in general.

If you have a deviated septum I'm sure you have post nasal dripping too....that is an easy source for viral infections to start
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replied March 3rd, 2011
chronic sinus problems
I too have chronic sinus problems. I just finished an antibotic two weeks ago and am sick again. I have started allergy shots recently and am waiting for them to kick in. I am also changing my diet to boost my immune system. It is a frustrating and tiring problem. I am sick of being sick!
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