This has happened to me twice within the last two months.

It starts out with my lips developing an odd texture, like fine sand in some spots. They then start to feel a little dry, so I use lip balm throughout the day. When I wake up, my lips are pretty swollen and have a thin, yellow-white film that I can easily peel off without pain (the film gets sticky if it gets wet). My lips return to their regular size as the day goes on, but remain insatiably dry and peeling. Even when I generously apply Blistex and drink lots of water, they just always feel tight and a little itchy. They're a bit sensitive as salt and spicy foods cause a little pain. The corners of my mouth and the inside of my mouth seem OK. There aren't any visible sores on my lips either.

Is there a name or cause for this? I've had chapped lips before but I've never had them swell like that. Prior to these incidents, I finished a round of antibiotics for a UTI. I also changed toothpastes, though I figured a sensitivity to toothpaste would affect the inside of my mouth more than the lips. It's also a brand I've used before, though I guess I can't rule out a sudden allergy / sensitivity.

Thank you for reading.
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